About us

Why We Started Profit Edge

Whenever we sat down to create Profit Edge we had a problem.

We knew that trading was a very important part of Bitcoin, and we also knew the value that came from every single trade. The main reason that people were scared off so much from both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was that they didn’t have a secure place they could go.

What surprised us was that people didn't just want to trade Bitcoin, they actually wanted to learn about it and see what made a good trade. With that desire in mind Profit Edge was born and we decided to make the best beginner friendly general trading application that we could.

Making Our Service Unique

We did see that there were a lot of general trading software’s out there for Bitcoin, so we had to make ours unique and special. All we wanted to do was make sure that beginners could trade Bitcoin without any trouble, but it eventually expanded into a general trading software.

We are a one-stop-shop not just for Bitcoin, but also for CFD, asset, and even currency trading. Our team wants to make sure that all of your trading and collecting can be done under our protective and safe umbrella. That way, the risk to you is minimal and you can trade with confidence.

Although we’ve expanded our market, you don’t need to worry about any area of our website or service lacking in quality. Instead, we put everything we have into coming up with good customer service and an intuitive user interface.

Preparing For The Future

Even the people who have created Bitcoin are racking their brains to figure out how Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are going to evolve within the next years and into the future. We’ve seen a surge in digital payments for goods and services with the rise of Bitcoin, and some believe that it is the currency of the future.

We don’t know what is going to happen next, but no matter what happens our team should have Profit Edge ready to meet the challenge and keep giving you the best value in terms of your trades. For now, focus on getting as much Bitcoin as you can because you don’t know what the future holds, and having a large stockpile could be valuable.

Work With Our Community!

Don’t put it off until Bitcoin becomes mainstream and everyone wants it, instead, focus on getting Bitcoin now while it is still under the radar, and Profit Edge can gladly help you out on your journey to learning how to trade!

We want to make you the best investor you can be, so start using Profit Edge and you should be well on your way to starting that journey.